Corporate contracting platform tailored to your company

Save up to EUR 15 per contract, manage your documents, and share them with all your employees, customers, and suppliers in one place.


Corporate contracting platform tailored to your company


Save up to EUR 15 per contract, manage your documents, and share them with all your employees, customers, and suppliers in one place.

What will you gain by implementing the corporate platform?

Reduce your company's and your customers' expenses and the time spent on administration! Digitize contracting with your domestic and international partners without additional development costs!

You no longer have to wait for anyone to print, sign with a handwritten signature, scan, and mail. Electronic signatures are available for you and your partners in one place, remotely, without a personal meeting.
Online contract management is much cheaper than the traditional way. Manage paper-based employment contracts, engagement contracts, attendance sheets, payroll papers, and accounting documents on the corporate platform.
Your customers and suppliers can access your contract management platform from anywhere, even from home. Here, contracts, delivery notes, and certificates of performance are signed, downloaded, and tracked in one place. Legally secure, in a closed IT system.

When should you choose this function?

Existing, outdated paper-based contracting and administration processes can be easily replaced using a personalized platform to meet different corporate needs.

If at least 25 documents are generated per month that you need to sign
If you have more than 10 new customers or at least 10 regular suppliers per month
If your colleagues are busy identifying clients and their legal representatives
If you have several domestic and international business partners with whom you have a lot of paperwork
If you enter new markets or contract with new partners

Available functions:

This is a personalized corporate platform with your brand colors and logo, where your subcontractors, customers and employees can sign up. After logging in, you can manage your contracts, invoices, and other common documents together. Your customized platform can be accessed from your domain or subdomain address. Identification of partners, customers and suppliers from 58 countries. User education and consultation.

Closed operation
Only companies and users you invite can sign up and log in to the system. On the corporate platform, your employees obtain their electronic signatures through remote identification, which means that the identities of the users are verified.
OwnerPaid - All costs are paid by the Customer With an OwnerPaid setup, all fees related to using the corporate contracting platform including electronic signatures as well as the operating fees associated with the use shall be paid by the Customer. It is recommended for those who need to automate a large amount of signing processes, it is not feasible to decide who should bear the costs in the case of each client of the Customer.

AllPaid - Individual signing fees can be taken over In this model, each partner pays the cost of e-signatures relating to the digitization of the transaction themselves, but you can also choose to take over such costs in relation to a certain document. It is recommended for those who have a prestigious corporate image and want to create a transparent contracting process, all in one place, but would not bear the total administration cost in the case of every transaction.
Priority customer service
Available on working days from 9 am to 5 pm in English and Hungarian, with a short response time.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about Platform services
What can the Platform be used for?
You can identify yourself and your business partners in an online, partially automated environment, enter into contracts, sign any document with an e-signature.
What are the benefits of the Platform?
Cheaper than traditional paper-based document management. You can even get your e-signature certificate from home for free and sign anything legally without having to go in person to sign. E-signed documents can be stored in digital form, with no need for printing, scanning, mailing or filing.
Who uses TrustChain’s services?
Anyone who values speed, authenticity, and security in their digital business processes; small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, sole proprietors, companies, large corporations, associations, foundations, other business actors.
Do you need any special tools or programs?
All you need is a computer, a smartphone, and an internet connection. The system is accessible from a web browser, which makes the created electronic documents accessible through an easy-to-use online interface, and the electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.
How much does it cost to use the system?
Registration and obtaining an e-signature is free. E-signatures have a price per type and package, for more information, please visit
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