It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Register your company!

Create your company and user account

Only companies are allowed to register in TrustChain, user accounts are created in relation with company accounts. It works already between Hungarian and Czech companies, and this is just the beginning.

During the registration the following data is needed:

  •   E-mail address
  •   Your name
  •   Company name

Identify yourself

No time to visit? No problem!

  • E-identification of natural and legal persons straight from the smart device. Takes just few minutes.
  • Advanced 3D machine-learning technology for automated face recognition and ID document processing.
  • Saves lots of time per year for visiting offices and people. Use from wherever place and whatever time

If you don’t have an Evrotrust account now, download the Evrotrust application to your phone: iOS or Android.

With Your Evrotrust account in hand, come back to TrustChain and go through our easy certification process. TrustChain will check your right to sign on behalf of your company against the latest company data available and if all is fine, you can move forward. Happy contracting!



Sign on your mobile

No Smart Cards. No Card Readers. No Knowledge Needed
Multiple and multipurpose use for signing for 2 years within the validity period of the certificate.
Qualified automated time-stamping of all e-signatures with primary evidential value.
How does it work?
1. Use application to e-sign own documents, stored on any cloud or send for signing through the Sign & Send or Simple Contract products.
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Sign & Send

Replace your existing workflow of printing + signing + scanning.
Manage your existing documents in a new way.
Online - reach it whenever and wherever you want
Easy to use
Digital signature and timestamp on uploaded documents
It’s legally binding, don’t have to worry about it anymore
No more printing + signing + scanning + waiting
How does it work?
It is easy, fast and digital.
1. Grab your documents and upload them in one platform. Get rid of constant waiting, printing, scanning and all of these useless repetitive tasks. Handle your documents digitally and spare time for yourself and for more important business tasks.
2. Sign your documents anytime anywhere. TrustChain’s e-signature is the equivalent of a normal signature. You don’t have to be present at a certain location to sign, just use your phone and get your documents done in only 5 seconds.
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Digital contracting with complete financial security.
An easy way to not worry about safety.
Online - reach it whenever and wherever you want
Easy to use
Digital signature and timestamp on uploaded documents
It’s legally binding, don’t have to worry about it anymore
Partner verification - no more fake companies
Digital contracting with smart features
Integrated financial solutions
Contract and performance tracking
Storing legal documents in one place - contract and documentation archiving
Secure payment and online payment features can be used
How does it work?
It’s convenient, safe and will make your life easier.
1. Choose a partner from our list of verified companies or invite your existing one to the system. Each company in our system is verified, and the legal representatives’ right to sign is checked.
2. Do you have a partner from a different country than yours? No problem, we help you negotiate the language of the contract, so you will be on the same page from the beginning.
3. Follow our Contracting Wizard, fill in the necessary data, add installments and conditions, upload any additional documents. It’s easy and straightforward. Digitizing your paperwork can save you time. The useless tasks such as printing, signing and scanning now can be left behind and you can focus on what is really important.
4. Get documents signed in 5 seconds, instead of days or even weeks. TrustChain’s e-Signature is the equivalent of a normal signature. Don’t waste your time, just validate your documents with a few taps on your phone.
5. Choose the payment method you want. There are three options available:
6. At the deadline of the contract the system generates automatically a statement about the fulfillment of the contract and sends it to the Buyer for signing. Although we hate unnecessary paperwork, if it's digital, it's good to have one more statement if it takes just a click of the button. Your accountant and tax authorities gonna love it.
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