A secure contracting solution that can reduce the risks inherent in new or existing business relationships and transactions.

simple contract

Certify your company and get into Partner Search

Only Certified Companies have access to the full functionality of the Platform, and only they can appear in the Partner Finder. For companies to enter into a contract using Simple Contract, both parties must be have an account, certified company and have a partnership with the Platform. The Certification can only be performed by an executive officer of the given company registered in the public register of companies with the right of independent representation - currently available for Hungarian and Czech companies.

simple contract
simple contract

When to choose?

Whether commissioning, business, shipping, etc. the existing and customary contractual structure can be easily digitized. The solution also includes features for creating new business relationships that specifically reduce the risks inherent in the transaction. With the help of Simple Contract, it is currently possible to create a bilateral, fixed-term contract.

Automated risk minimization features

To ensure that the contracts and documents created on the Platform always contain up-to-date data, the system automatically checks the company data before each signature. During the audit, we examine the existence of legal processes that could make the conclusion of a contract risky - e.g. whether a company is in liquidation or bankruptcy. In addition, at the moment of the signature, the system checks the signatory's right of representation based on the data of a publicly registered company register to minimize risk. The Platform also tracks events related to contract-related payments and billing.

simple contract simple contract simple contract

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about TrustChain Platform services
What can the TrustChain Platform be used for?
You can identify yourself and your business partners in an online, partially automated environment, enter into contracts, sign any document with an e-signature, and manage your financial processes as well.
Who uses TrustChain’s services?
Anyone who values speed, authenticity, and security in their digital business processes; small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, sole proprietors, companies, large corporations, associations, foundations, other business actors.
Do you need any special tools or programs?
All you need is a computer, a smartphone, and internet connection. The system is accessible from web browser, which makes the created electronic documents accessible through an easy-to-use online interface, and the electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.
How can I sign documents with my partners on the Platform?
Invite your business partners to the Platform, where, after obtaining their e-signature, you can sign online documents in a legally authentic form, which is accessible to all parties involved in your user account.
How much does it cost to use the system?
Registration and obtaining an e-signature is free. The net price of electronic signatures is 0,7 EUR / pc, regarding the pricing of our additional services, please visit
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