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Identification and obtaining a Qualified Electronic Signature


Identification begins with obtaining a Qualified Electronic Signature. During the process users download the Evrotrust app to their smartphone, create their own Evrotrust account, and perform a few minutes of personal identification. The qualified certificate of the electronic signature will then be issued to them. The final step in the process is to link the user account created on the Platform to the Evrotrust account by signing the Account Linking Statement sent to the Evrotrust application.


10 EUR / One time fee (net)

The service is available for Hungarian and Czech companies. If the user is registered on the Platform as a company representative and if your company wants to appear in Partner Manager, an authorized signatory of the company with full representative authority must successfully complete the certification process. The first step in the certification process is the Identification of the representative and then comes the verification of the Company Data, where the Platform downloads the associated company data from the relevant company registry and verifies the user's authority to represent the company and verifies whether the company is under risky legal processes (eg liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.).
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about Platform services
How much does it cost to obtain a qualified certificate?
Registration and obtaining certificates of the e-signatures are free of charge, there is no monthly fee, e-signatures have a price per type and package.
What specifies the price of different e-signatures?
Each of the e-signatures in the Platform has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature, but the transaction value limit related to the e-signature types differs. The cost of each e-signature depends on what transaction value limit e-signature we choose and in what package.
  • The transaction value of QES 20 is twenty thousand Euros
  • The transaction value of QES 100 is one hundred thousand Euros
  • The transaction value limit of QES Unlimited is not limited
Who can sign with e-signatures purchased on the Platform?
Any registered and identified user who belongs to the Business account or whose signing cost is taken over by the customer.
When will I receive the invoice?
Billing information is required at the time of purchase and the invoice will arrive automatically at the end of the purchase process. Invoicing data can be provided as an individual or a business entity, in the latter case, the VAT number must be provided per the applicable VAT law.
How long can purchased e-signatures be used?
E-signatures can be used for 30 days from the date of purchase. We also send you an email notification of the package expiration seven days before the expiration date.