It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Secure digital contracting with financial solutions for companies.

See how it works!
Launch: May 2019


100% security, 0% risk
Safety costs a lot of time, money and headache. We provide partner verification and financial, legal security.


The future way of doing business
Our digital solutions are made to ease up the administration tasks and spare you time, effort and money.


Minimize work, save time
Legal issues come up all the time. We made paperwork easier to spare you time, and money. All steps at one platform.

Financial solutions

As the most comfortable to you
Avoid late payments and any financial fraud. TrustChain can provide complete financial security.

Your existing contracting flow

Finding and verifying your new partner
Creating a contract from scratch
Printing & signing
Waiting for payment and completion certificate

This is how it should look like

Automated partner verification and partner suggestion
Simple digital contracting with smart features
Signing on your phone with 2 taps - it’s legally binding
Automated payment collection and financial services. Even 100% financial security.

Why should formal processes be stressful and time-consuming?

Using TrustChain will save you a lot of time, money and headache. It is time change your old processes!
Get to know more!

TrustChain solutions

Create business deals and contracts digitally and take the advantage of the complete financial security. Spare time, money and resources. Avoid late payments and financial frauds. Just focus on your business.

Sign & Send

Replace your existing printing + signing + scanning workflow.
Document uploading and signing
Legally binding digital signatures with timestamps

Countries covered

Czech Republic
Austria (soon)
Slovakia (soon)
Poland (soon)
Germany (soon)
Bulgaria (soon)
Be safe in doing business abroad or in your country in the most simple, digital way. We provide the trust infrastructure for you and your partners. We can be your own digital bridge for trading on the international market.

Integrated partners

“TrustChain lives in the present and grasps the opportunities that lies in front of them. They’ve got an ecosystem view that drives the real disruption and innovation in commerce and trade. They found a new way of using digital money and have a huge potential in scalability.”

Sándor Kiss CEO, Barion Payment Zrt.

“We’ve found a great partner in TrustChain. It’s hard to find a company these days that wants to make a real change like them. They incorporated legal innovation in their product and provide the highest quality in their services”

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov Member of Board of Directors, EvroTrust Technologies JSC

“TrustChain plans to revolutionize company identification. Not data validation itself, but the way people think about it which makes people realize how important safety is. They are a great partner to work with and have a very high possibility of being one of the biggest success stories in the CEE region.”

Arek Hajduk CEO, Transparent Data Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

“We were responsible for the legal integration on the Czech market. The TrustChain platform is a great regtech product in which we found a huge potential and were excited to work on. It was very reassuring to see someone whose main goal - or at least one of them - is to build a digital cooperation between the visegradian countries”

JUDr. Zdeněk Tomíček Partner / Group Director of Expansion, CEE Attorneys s.r.o.

“MagNet Faktor supports the growth of small and medium sized companies. Common target market and envisioned goals enables synergy between Magnet and TC that we can fruitfully leverage on to bring the best solution to our Customers.”

Zsolt Major-Maróthy CEO, Magnet Faktor Zrt.

Investors and Advisors

"When investing, we look at companies in many aspects besides present profitability. TrustChain excels in many, including the most important: innovation and trust. Implementing a new solution in a several thousand years old industry is not easy, but they plan to revolutionize it and we support them along the way."

Kornél Kisgergely CEO, HiVentures Zrt.

"As the first investor of TrustChain, we had a strong belief in the team since the beginning. For Startup Campus it is important to find startups that have the potential for international scale up, and TrustChain is one of the best examples for this."

Zsolt Kovács CEO, StartupCampus Inkubátor Zrt.

"After forty years in finance, technology, regulation and market integrity it is heartening to be associated with a company that embodies innovative spirit, technical excellence and strong ethical values."

John Howell CEO, John Howell & Co. Ltd.
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