It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...
Thu, 03 Oct 2019
Time to say good-bye to boring catering offers and the endless piles of invoices
The markets of food delivery and benefits in kind are among the most active and rapidly growing segments, with a lot of mergers and acquisitions and immense capital injections. The online platform of Ordit offering food delivery service and benefits in kind for companies has brought something new to this expanding sector. On this platform companies and employees can order food in the simplest way possible – without any unnecessary administration and invoices. We asked Péter Szendrényi, CEO of Ordit.
Wed, 11 Sep 2019
One of the biggest problems of Hungarian SMEs may be solved with a single click
One of the biggest problems Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises may face is long payment deadlines. They often need to wait three months or even six for their invoices to be settled. The smart factoring solution offered by PénTech is to help them. Companies can receive financial resources in 24 hours, without any paper work, absolutely online. We talked with Benjamin Berényi, CEO of the startup.

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