It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Our Vision

We are pioneers. We give confidence & digital power to growing SMEs. We build a reliable business community.

Our Mission

We transform non-digital, external business activities into digital, automated internal processes. We reduce the unnecessarily long time and stressful process of business administration to company can focus only on the business in the most safety, reliable way. We build trust between companies with data, valid contracts and risk mitigation. We reduce paperwork.

Our story

At TrustChain we are humans as well. We hate paperwork, we prefer avoiding risk if it’s possible and we have our own goals just like anybody else.
TrustChain is created and developed by legal, trade finance and compliance specialists, based on their experiences, pains and wishes for a paperless and digital business environment.
TrustChain was established in Hungary in 2017. Our teams goal is to make a difference in the world, create something that makes a change for a better and fairer world.
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